Andy cites family as petrol station

RTHK Radio 5 brand new program Brilliant Life has a segment called My Brilliant Life which invited Andy Lau as its guest to talk about his brilliant life.

During the interview, Andy expressed everything is very smooth when he stand on the stage, together with the strong recognition from the audience, this make him feel that it is a brilliant moment worth to be proud of whenever he stand on the stage. Recalling his younger days when he was not outstanding in most areas, when he joined the drama activity during his secondary school days, he was not the male lead, rather he was the scriptwriter. In a singing competition during his secondary school days, he imitate Adam Cheng to sing Kenji Sawada’s Oh Gal Cantonese version, he never thought of entering showbiz. After graduating at secondary six, he and a few friends went to register TVB artiste training classes thus starting the miracle journey.

Andy expressed that ten years ago, he had already feel that it was not wasted, he feel that what he had contribute is more than he had achieved, thus he believe what he still have the love for the stage, there will be space for improvements thus able to challenge himself. He stress that no matter how huge is the success, it would be fruitless when there is nobody to share with, thus he’s very concern of family relationships, because he think his family is like a petrol station, he feel that he’s lucky to be able to grow up in a complete and healthy family. Andy’s parents are healthy, among the 6 brothers and sisters, 3 sisters migrated, thus the family seldom meet, they only managed to take a family photo last year. Recently Andy did a re-collecting of his brothers and sisters photographs and feel that they looked cute in those days. He had a plan for his family this year, he will revealed in the program’s interview, he would also talk about his outlook on friends, and his secrets of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The interview details will be broadcast on RTHK Radio 5 – Brilliant Life from 2 – 6 March, 4 – 6 pm.

news from: Sing Pao