Andy nervous at Expo 2010 closing ceremony

Expo 2010 Shanghai which last for 6 months held its closing ceremony last night. Artistes and singers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan performed in the closing ceremony, those performed includes Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Leo Ku, Angela Chang and Han Hong. Andy sang praise that the Expo being very successful and exclaimed that it’s a pity that he’s unable to visit all the exhibition halls.

Andy wore a white Tuxedo as he sang ‘Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian’ (Love You 10,000 Years) in the closing ceremony as the song’s lyrics is close to the Expo spirit.

He expressed that he’s very honored to be the Goodwill Ambassador of the Expo, he feel that it was was a successful Expo, other than having the most countries participating, the number of visitors had reached the target. He sighed: “It’s a pity that I’m unable to visit all the exhibition halls.”

When Andy went for rehearsal days before the closing ceremony, when he saw the lighting atmosphere created by the stage’s giant screens and performers on the stage, Andy exclaimed: “It’s so beautiful!”

The closing ceremony made used large number of performers, 1000 children participated. When Andy was resting at the backstage area, a group of children was also waiting for their turn to perform, they all rushed toward Andy requesting for autographs and photographs when they saw Andy, likewise the teachers of these children also got excited by taking photographs with their cameras. There was a 5-years-old foreign girl walked to Andy and asked him in Mandarin: “Can I take a photograph?”

Andy arrived at the venue around yesterday’s afternoon for security check and final rehearsal. Andy exclaimed: “It’s an exciting journey from the preparation for the opening ceremony of the Expo to the closing ceremony, really had to pay tribute for all the hard work of the crew members.”

For the actual performance, Andy exclaimed that he was nervous when performing in-front of leaders and VIPs of so many countries.

When Andy saw Huang Yi, he asked for her autograph and a “rather shocked” Huang Yi signed autograph for Andy.

After his performance, Andy headed back to Hong Kong to prepare his December’s concerts.

news and photographs from: Sing Tao News, Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Hong Kong Daily, Wei Wen Po,, Macao Daily,