Andy: I’m not superman, I’m handsome

From a TVB artiste training class trainee to heavenly king superstar across Asia, Andy Lau occupied the position of “idol” in the hearts of the fans, he’s also the “superman” in showbiz, but the vain Libra actually loved people addressing him “handsome”. However this handsome man does not depended just on his looks, no matter his achievements on stage or silver screen were all achieved with his hard work. In showbiz for 30 years, Andy said: “Being an artiste, there’re nothing that you can’t learn!”

“Those whom work together with me for many years will know that I never feel good about myself!” Andy took a look and nudge the shoulder of the crew member whom was sitting beside him, being popular for 30 years, he modestly said these words, when everyone described his achievements and good points, he can only see what he had not done well. When talked about his preparation of his dances in his upcoming concert, he sighed: “I am training hard!”

Andy shared with us his dance training experience: “Last month, I invited the dance choreographers whom choreographed the robot dance for Michael Jackson , I spent 4 hours on just 4-8 beats, I’m not sure what he (the choreographer) was thinking, but what I was thinking was “Oh gosh! Why I failed to understand what he was trying to say.” He did not tell me anything, I just kept on dancing.” Feared that I forget what the choreographer had thought me, Andy also asked his personal dance choreographer to learn at the same time with him, he practice together with me when he has nothing to do, “After class, I will go home after dinner, started from 8AM and ended at 2AM in the morning. Then I practiced with my assistant for another 2 hours when I wake up the next day.” When the dance choreographer came for the second lesson in the afternoon, I had already spent 10 hours on the 4-8 beats.

When Andy danced the steps to the choreographer during the second lesson, the choreographer immediately sing praise of his improvements with applause. For Andy, things that he wanted to do, there’s no secrets recipe, all just depended on trainings. “The choreographer told me: “You’re an artiste that would do homework at home, when an artiste has responsibility and willing to go home and do his homework, this I will not worry.” We have been like that for one whole week.” People will think that Andy would not fare so badly when comes to dancing, but why he need to take such a long time to learn a new dance? Andy think that learning whatever things, you must rest your mentality to zero, he took martial arts for example: “Even though you know how to fight, the martial arts in Northern and Southern part is different, after learning the Southern’s Long fist then practicing the Northern’s close distance fighting, you will know its differences.” Andy think that after doing the basics, you can then carried on for changes and new things. “One day the choreographer told me: “Now you have master Michael’s dances. with your previous dances, we can now create a brand new dance that belong to Andy Lau!”, it was special that he came out with my fruitful training!”

news and photos from: udn news