Andy promote his new album in Shanghai

On 22 October, Andy Lau was in Shanghai to promote his latest album unforgettable. At the press conference, Andy sang a total of 3 songs which includes ‘Zhen Ai Wu Tai’, ‘Ta Lang’ and ‘Da Yan Jing’.

Zhou Libo from Shanghai was also present to support Andy. Zhou Libo whom was fame for his sharp words as he said when he went onto the stage: “Andy is the representative of the current fashion trend, he saved cloth, I initially though of removing my socks.” He then added: “If my face was put beside Andy’s face, it would looked like a table cloth.”

When talked about Andy’s thought of his 30 years in showbiz, Zhou Libo criticize himself: “Not afraid of recognition, when comparing, my face put beside Andy’s face, it would be like a table cloth.” Before the stand-in compere Zhou Libo requested the media to ask question, he said: “Andy rest assured, all unhappy questions asked will also be my unhappy questions.”

However, be it intentional or un-intentional, Zhou also has sharp words on Andy: “Andy is the representative of the current fashion trend, he saved cloth, I initially though of removing my socks, but I don’t have enough time to remove my socks.” Zhou then boast: “I first aw Andy in his films, after watching his God of Gambler, I started to learn to play mahjong.”

In addition, Andy revealed that he would like to collaborate with director Ann Hui whom directed his first film – Boat People.

In the latest album, Andy sang songs sung by other singers which includes Liu Wenzheng, Gao Linfeng and Deng Lijun. Andy said that in his 30 years in showbiz, his songs had accompanied many fans as they grew up, he also wanted to introduce what songs accompanied him.

When talked about singing Cai Qin’s ‘Bei Yi Wang De Shi Guang’, he revealed: “I started to listen to her songs when I’m young, there was once when I told her: “Sister, if there is a chance I surely wanted to sing your ‘Bei Yi Wang De Shi Guang’”, she gave me a strange look and told me that it’s difficult to sing that song. Thus I practice for more than 10 years, this time I specially sent the song to her, but she told me to forget it.”

In addition, Andy revealed that Alan Tam whom initially does not see him to have any future in singing, he said: “He told me to better concentrate on one thing, he said that I act well and does not sing well, I don’t admit defeat and told him that let’s practice together, we practiced for 6 years and he took the initiative to write a song for me.”

Andy added that he once sang Alan’s song but forget the lyrics and had to ‘la la la’ from start to end, Alan kept told him off because of this incident till now.

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