4 Heavenly Kings for Chinese New Year gala show?

It is still 100 days away from Chinese New Year, the preparation for CCTV gala show had started. The CCTV committee wanted the programs for its Chinese New Year gala show to be “low-profile” and “know its limits”. There was news that it’s planning to invite Hong Kong’s Four Heavenly Kings – Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai to “gather together again” for the gala show.

When approached by reporters, the director of the gala show Chen Ling Chun answered: “This information is not accurate, we are still having meetings, we are still discussing for most of the programmes of the gala show, which include the question that you’re asking, I’m still unable to give you an accurate answer.”

news from: ent.QQ.com

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