Andy’s unforgettable 忘不了的 press conference in Taiwan

Andy Lau had been in showbiz for 30 years, he has been professional being an actor and singer as he was the Guinness World Record holder for the Hong Kong artiste with the most awards. He was in Taiwan yesterday to promote his latest album – unforgettable, he revealed that he’s not afraid of comments that he’s old (‘lao’) and in showbiz for a long time, however he was afraid to hear two words with ‘lao’ which are ‘lao su’ (mouse) and ‘lao po’ (wife).

Andy donned an all-black western suit with black leather shoes for his new album press conference at Taiwan StoryLand. He sang ‘Ta Lang’, ‘Gu Er Lei’ and ‘Zheng Ai Wu Tai’ after making his appearance. Andy expressed that singing 70s hit song ‘Gu Er Lei’ leaves him the deepest impression because it was his late good friend Blackie Ko that hum the song to him, he learn how to sing the song just by listening to the song once.

In his 30 years in showbiz, Andy had won many awards and many TV dramas, films, music albums to his name, he can be considered as the role model of Asian artistes. On the press conference, the organizers specially broadcast videos of blessing from many artistes.

With regards to questions on the allegation that his wife Carol Zhu Liqian is pregnant and he arranging her to fly off to America for miscarriage prevention, Andy refuse to answer them.

Andy whom has outstanding stamina revealed that it is due to his 1.5 hours running on the treadmill everyday. He said that after being in showbiz for so many years, “Some time I would thought of stopping to rest, but my character told me not to, thus I just continued.”

When asked what’s his plan in the next 30 years, he said: “I would be 80 years old in 30 years time, it would be good if there are still so many people wanting to listen to my song.”

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