Makeup less Carol went marketing

In 2008, Carol Zhu Liqian officially became the wife of Andy Lau. Last month it was alleged that she was 3-months pregnant at the age of 44 years old, the allegation was denied by Andy. Last Saturday (9 October), Next Magazine discovered a makeup-less Carol marketing, she was walking big steps but no convex belly spotted.

Carol whom was highly protected by Andy was accompanied by bodyguards and driver arrived at a Taiwanese food outlet in Kowloon in a white seven seater vehicle. That day, she was wearing T-shirt and jeans, her dressing is not outstanding, she did not put on any makeup and was walking briskly, so fast that her hair could “fly”. Although her face was round and have double chin, her body is plump but no convex belly spotted. She mixed with a group of aunties to buy several boxes of noodles before heading to North Point market.

This time round she did not alight from the vehicle as her bodyguard did the shopping for her with a shopping list. The bodyguard bought fish, eggs, meat balls and other steamboat food before heading back to her apartment at Kadoorie Hill.