Andy is a notorious judge in ‘Da Yan Jing’ MV

Earlier Andy Lau re-sing and was shooting the music video (MV) of Frankie Gao Ling-feng’s ‘Da Yan Jing’, he was a talent contest judge in the MV, he quipped that the idea came from the current popular talent shows in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, he said: “Some judges’ notorious comments have their own characteristic, leave me a deep impression.”

He also have a retro dance in the MV, he quipped: “The dance is so cute!” Andy also sing praise to the youthful lyrics as he said: “In the current music indistry, there is no such songs.”

There is a story within a story for the MV, Andy is a talent show judge as he met contestants like hip hop man, belly dancer and taekwondo expert came to interview, because everybody put in their effort to perform, everybody burst into laughter. Andy expressed that it’s not difficult to be a strict judge because he can learn from the current different talent shows.

Andy also spend ten thousands dollars to create an online game site at for free play, fans can become the online male lead for the ‘Da Yan Jing’ or ‘Ren Ban’ MV as one can cut and paste his/her own head into the MV. Andy also specially made a few funny expression for the game.

The management company also help him edited a 30 years anniversary TV special, other than never revealed production scenes, director Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang and others were invited to talk about the Andy they knew.

The special – unforgettable moments would start broadcasting in Hong Kong’s TVB for two weeks from tonight and Taiwan’s TTV News on 26 October for the full 30 minutes.

news from: Apple Daily, Liberty Times, udn news, Ming Pao