Andy: Realizing one’s mistake is perfect

For Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame director Tsui Hark and executive producer Chen Kou-fu, the detective dee character is perfect. For actor Andy Lau, detective dee is not perfect because he made mistakes. “I always think he’s not perfect because he made mistakes, it’s not that way. He made up for his mistake, because of his mistake, the situation improves, able to realize one’s mistake also makes one perfect.”

You might not be familiar with Hong Kong or Taiwanese pop songs, but surely you had heard his songs before, till now you would get to hear the song ‘Ben Xiao Hai’ or ‘Wang Qing Shui’ being played in any cities; you might not be a fan of Hong Kong films, but surely you would have remember segments of A Moment of Romance or Infernal Affairs, because they are classics, people would talked about them; maybe you are not chasing idols, but it’s impossible that you don’t know who is heavenly king Lau, switching on the television set you would find him in films, gala shows, charity shows; for those born in the years after 1970, his face being printed on stickers, collected by us, it had merged with our memories, he’s an idol that has spurn through the 70s, 80s and 90s.

This is Andy Lau, his life grew together with us, you might not agree with him, but it’s impossible that you don’t know him. He’s perfect in our memories, he’s perfect in his own life.

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