Andy sent Carol to US for miscarriage prevention

Earlier it was alleged that Andy Lau’s wife Carol Zhu Liqian is 3-months pregnant, although Andy had denied the allegation but in the latest issue of a Hong Kong magazine 3 Weekly, the “denial” is just what Andy normally does, actually he had arranged Carol to go for miscarriage prevention in America.

Andy whom had earlier denied the allegation that Carol is pregnant in public, but the magazine revealed that Andy only has the means of hiding his wife’s pregnancy. It is understand that when Carol went for her checkup at St. Paul Hospital Gynaecology department, media was following her, thus Andy had decided against his decision of parturition at the hospital.

As the Hong Kong media is very attentive to the whereabouts of Carol, it is understand that Andy is worried that it would affect the emotions of Carol, thus he has secretly arranged Carol to leave Hong Kong and changed the miscarriage prevention country from her home country of Malaysia to America.

The Hong Kong media revealed that Andy’s arranging Carol to America, one saying is that he wish to use the advanced medical equipments in overseas in aid for a healthy 44-years-old Carol and baby, secondly with the high secretive lifestyle in America, Carol could have a peace of mind while waiting to give birth, most importantly is avoiding the media.

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