Andy denied that Carol is pregnant

Andy Lau held the press conference for his December concerts today and he answered the allegation of his wife being 3 months pregnant.

Andy was serious when he answer the question if he was going to be a father, he sighed: “Nope, nothing of such as the magazine reported, I will be staging my concerts soon, I don’t want to be said that I’m using this as promotion.”

With regards to spending lots of money on bodyguards to protect his wife, he said: “It’s not like this just happened, drivers and others would be there, it’s been a long time.” When reporters asked if he would like to have a baby born in the year of Rabbit or would he heal Deanie Ip’s advice to work hard for a “grandchildren” for her? Andy immediately did a “pull up zipper” action across his lips to indicated that he won’t be answering. When the media if he has affinity to “rabbit”, he locked his fingers and refused to answer.

That’s all for now, more updates tomorrow…

news from: Ming Pao Flash News