Andy relive his dances for the past 30 years

Being in showbiz for 30 years, he had staged more than 400 shows, attracted more than 9 million audience to watch his concerts, world tour in more than 10 countries and cities, Andy is going into his 500th show and 10 million audience.

Recently Andy who is busy preparing his year-end concerts as he took some time off a few days ago to shoot the music video of his concert’s theme song – I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye. Despite shooting for 16 consecutive hours (12pm – 4am), he never complained that he’s tired and even thanked the director for direct playback of the classic dances he had during his concerts for the past 30 years allowing him to relive the classic moments of his past concerts. He said: “I hope that with this music video, everybody can see different looks of me on stage for the past 30 years, allowing everybody to recall how I dance in the past.”

Andy said: “Really had to thank the director as the stage used in the shooting of this music video is made up of photographs of the images of me in my concerts for the past 30 years, the director also playback segments of my past concerts in the projection screen, allowing me to relive my memories, it gave me a feeling of actually standing on the stage of my concert.”

When asked if this concert would be unforgettable for him. Andy said: “Too many, the water screen in my concert, flying in mid-air with the female dancer using cloth, strike by lighting, Latin dances, the most unforgettable would be the applause from the audience, the screams and cheers that touched me.”

He also thank his Latin dance partner Shirley Huang, the success of that concert also made me fall in love with Latin dance, thus I invited Shirley to perform the same dance in this music video.

This song would be included in his soon-to-be-released Cantonese Mandarin album on 13 October and his 2010 Unforgettable concert would be staged in the Hong Kong Coliseum in December. Andy wrote the lyrics for the Mandarin and Cantonese theme song titled ‘Zhen Ai Wu Tai’ (Really Loved the Stage) and I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye respectively, it’s about his feelings for his music and concerts, he said: “Whenever the concert ended, I can’t bare to leave, I don’t wanna bid farewell to everybody.”

He exclaimed that both are presents for himself as he said: “I’m luckier than others because I doing my favorite job.”

He recalled that he was scolded by the late James J.S.Wong whom said: “I don’t understand the lyrics he wrote, until I sing praise of the lyrics he wrote, he’s working hard to stay in his job.” Andy once said: “I’m not the best artist but I can say that I’m an artist who’s willing to work hard!”

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