Andy in Taiwan to shoot MV, no holiday for 49th birthday

Two days ago was Andy Lau’ 49th birthday, he would have 2 weeks of holidays during his birthday in the past, because of his new film Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame and his soon-to-be-release album, he only spent the actual day with his family as he touched down in Taipei last night to shoot his new song’s music video.

On 25 September, accompanied by his parents, he celebrated his birthday in advance as he burst into laughter and cried during the party. In past birthday parties, his fans would perform for him, but due to his unforgettable Cantonese and Mandarin album to be released next month, he took the initiative to perform for the fans, the fans were so excited that they kept screaming until he had to urge the fans: “Can you be quiet, give me some time to sing some songs for you to listen.”

This year is a meaningful birthday for him as it’s was his final year of his 40s, it’s also the 30th anniversary of him entering showbiz. On the birthday party, there was a giant birthday cake which had photographs of him from every stage of his career, in addition to his marriage came to light last year and fans did not leave him, he was so touched that he broke into tears.

When he touched down in Taipei last night, around 30 fans were waiting for him at the airport. When he walked out of the gate, fans rushed forward to give him flowers, birthday cards and presents. When asked of his wish, he quipped: “To be healthy.”

In between, one boy asked for his autograph and told Andy that he scored 100 marks for his exams, Andy encourages him in a fatherly manner: “Good boy.” When asked if he would like to have his own children soon, he replied: “Thank you, thank you.” When asked that he would be 50 years old soon, is he afraid of being old? He quipped: “Thank you, thank you.”

news from: Apple Daily News