Andy cried on his birthday party

Two nights ago, Andy Lau held a large scale birthday party at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, more than 1000 members from Andy World Club attended. Andy’s birthday fall on 27 September but 25 September is his lunar birthday and the 30th anniversary in showbiz.

Andy World Club specially prepared a birthday cake which had photographs of him since his day one in showbiz, it delighted Andy as he invited his parents onto the stage to cut the cake with him and open champagne. He happily hugged his parents and gave flying kisses to fans as they replied him with screams.

Last year was an unhappy year for Andy because of his exposed marriage which had an effect on his image, however fans did not leave him. When Andy sang the last song ‘Ying Chang Wo De Ge’, thinking back, he could not carry on singing and cried. When asked if Andy is especially touched this year, he expressed: “Nope, thanks the fans support for so many years, I do not know how to say, anyway thanks everybody.”

When asked if he find that there are lesser fans at the birthday party due to last year’s incident? He said that he feel the number of fans are more or less the same but a bit lesser as normally overseas fans would fly in to attend the birthday party, but due to his concert in December, they could save the money for the December concert instead.

Andy sang many songs and the dance excited the fans as they rushed toward the stage, it was as though training for his upcoming concert. As there was fireworks thus Andy urged the fans not to get near the stage, when he saw fans unwilling to move, he nervously waved his hands asking them to move back, the fans then listen to him. When asked if his wife gave any present to him, he imitate the action of kicking the reporter before quipping: “Be good, I really won’t answer this question!”

With regards to the news of Lee Shau Kee intending to buy TVB with HK$9 billion, Andy expressed: “If I’m Sir Run Run Shaw, I would sell, I would not care about this allegation, gave Lee Shau Kee a phone call to ask him, currently Hong Kong will be giving out free license, there will be tough competition, HK$9 billion is quite an attractive amount, should ask him if he’s interested in buying my fan club, haha! (How much you are willing to sell?) I don’t dare to say, it’s a closed bidding, no deal if the price is not right.”

It was announced that Andy will have a 15 nights concert in December, Andy expressed that the fan club would need around 3 million tickets, but his company is given one third of it, when asked if he would add more nights to solve the problem? Andy expressed that he’s worried that if he add more nights, the cheaper tickets would not sell.

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news from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News