Another male fan rushed onto stage to see Andy

Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame will open in cinema nationwide in Mainland China on 29 September and in Hong Kong on 30 September. The Hong Kong premiere was held at Causeway Bay’s Times Square on 24 September, director Tsui Hark, producer Shi Nan Sheng, the cast Andy Lau, Li Bingbing, Carina Lau, Deng Chao and Teddy Robin dressed formally to attend the event.

Andy wore a Tom Ford black suit, whereas Deng Chao wore a Dior Hommer western suit, they’re the pair that show chemistry. When Andy saw Deng Chao, he quipped: “What a coincidence, we’re really brothers!” Deng Chao was delighted. Although Hong Kong is Andy’s base as large numbers of fan came to support him, however Deng Chao also has quite a number of fans as they screamed out loud.

When the entourage was promoting on the stage, a male Andy fan from Shangdong rushed onto the stage. As the decoration on the stage cost HK$2 million, the securities were alarmed. Andy settled the incident himself as he autograph on the fan’s shirt to resolve the tension. He encounter a male fan whom gave him a bear hug during the film’s premiere in Beijing.

Andy does not understand his fans’ mentality but he wish that the fans take note of their safety and respect the event’s orderly. He expressed that he did not hear what the fan had requested but if he needed help, fans that needed help could contact him.

When told of a Henan student spotted in Mongkok with a poster saying that he wanted an autograph phootgraph of Andy, he expressed that he does not know this matter and asked the reporter: “I really don’t know, can you tell me more. Actually an autograph phoot is no issue, just contact the fan club, with regards to meeting me, it would depend if it fit my work schedule.” Andy added that he’s worried of the safety of the fan and asked if he could return home safely.

The film once again won good reviews after the Hong Kong premiere, film critics commented that the story is complete and has high standard special effects, it is as per the comments won in Venice Film Festival as it is said to be the best Chinese film in Venice Film Festival in 3 years.

Earlier it was revealed that Andy would tailor a love comedy script for Li Bingbing, when asked Andy said: “Recently I’m too busy, no time to think, Bingbing had to wait.” Bingbing the quipped that he heard that Andy is going to Taiwan to shoot a music video, she’s willing to finds time to become the female lead.

Andy once again celebrate his birthday, the organizer prepared a birthday cake with a “D” character, he made a wish that the film would do well at the box office. The fans the shouted: “$100 million in Hong Kong, $300 million in Mainland China!” A modest Andy said that he hope that film would do well in the box office but he does not wish to guess the figures.

news from:, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Pao, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao