Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame costume exhibition

Andy Lau and Li Bingbing were in Tsim Sha Tsui’s THE ONE for Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame costume exhibition. Andy and Bingbing display their chemistry as they whisper to each other and sing high praise of each other.

As 27 September is Andy’s birthday, the organizer specially prepared a birthday bun with writings “You’re THE ONE” for him, Andy quipped: “I thought THE ONE gave it to me, it doesn’t matter as we share the same surname.”

Bingbing posed plant a kiss posture which delights Andy! When asked if Bingbing would give Andy present, she quipped: “I gave him my intent!”

Andy and Bingbing played games with the audience as they did not mind using their hands to arrange the mixed fruits tray.

Andy revealed that he would celebrate his birthday with his fan club on 25 September, he would dine with his family on the actual day, it’s more or less the same celebration every year. When asked how he spent his Mid-Autumn Festival, he exclaimed he only have a meal before rushing off for the rehearsal of his celebration, he does not have time to enjoy the moon with his wife. He quipped: “Anyway, my birthday wish is to be healthy and be handsome!”

When asked about Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame popularity in Venice Film Festival but it was said the award results was not fair as Quentin Tarantino gave the awards to his alleged girlfriend, Andy feel that it’s a surprise that commercialize films are competing, most importantly is the process, Andy said: “I never met the judges, but it’s not a bad trip as the promotion is a good start for the film, we would have something to talk about, of course if Tsui Hark is unhappy, he would not tell his best friend! Please don’t make guesses. If Tsui Hark won, people would start saying because Tsui Hark is Quentin Tarantino’s idol.”

In addition, a male fan gave him a bear hug during the film’s premiere in Beijing, Andy expressed that he did notice him climbing onto the stage but he knew he does not have evil intention as he’s more crazy on stage, thus he console and asked him to go off the stage, Andy said: “I’m scared that the securities does not know what’s happening so I told them not to use force, everybody know that I’ll be careful of the surroundings, such things happened will affect myself and others.”

A 18-years old male fan from Henan Mainland China was discovered on the streets of
Mongkok with a banner writings: “Looking for Idol: Andy Lau”, he exclaimed that he’s a die hard fan and expressed that his trip to Hong Kong was to meet his idol and seek an autograph from Andy.

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