Andy to tailor a script for Li Bingbing

In the past, Andy Lau always kept a distance from his female co-stars and seldom took any “intimate” photographs with the opposite sex. However, one year after his marriage came to light, Andy had made exceptions.

A Hong Kong magazine discover that when he took photographs with Li Bingbing, they would touch each other’s shoulder or even waist, their close relationship made many envy.

With zero allegations after shooting of Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame, they seems to continue their “intimate” relationship when they meet for the promotion of the film. Although he got to hug Li Bingbing in and out-side the film, Andy stressed: “To have chemistry with her is not an easy task!” Is the intimate behavior with Li Bingbing used to test the endurance of Carol Zhu Liqian?

Women get jealous easily, especially seeing her own man in intimate photographs with another woman, if Carol really love Andy she would have reminded her husband not to cross the line. Even though Andy quipped that his wife would not be angry when she saw all the photographs, “Don’t be mistaken, these are photographs of two buddies….we had collaborated in 3 films, slowly we had developed a chemistry and a deep friendship. Bingbing has a good figure and her character is like a man, I think in real life, she is just like Shang-guan Jing-er!”

Upon hearing, Li Bingbing expressed her unhappiness: “I’m a tomboy in the film but in real life I’m very woman.” Currently she is not in any relationship, some media gave her the nickname of “left fighters”, Li Bingbing replied: “Who told you nobody is wooing me? But come to think about it, can only become buddies with such a perfect man in Andy.”

Andy whom was sitting beside Li Bingbing then said: “Li Bingbing is a very good actress, we had collaborated 4 times, it’s very comfortable collaborating with her!” Andy then reveal his trump card, having been in showbiz for 30 years, he never tried to become a director, scriptwriter but currently he’s working on a new film, “I’m currently tailoring a script for Li Bingbing, it’s a modern love story comedy similar to Wish For a Star. This is the best time in our career, I’ve confidence that our collaboration will be a success.”

When asked if Andy is trying to transform to the backstage, or he want to write, direct and act, 3 identities as one, he burst into laughter, “If possible I would like to!” Li Bingbing had set up her own film production film and the maiden film would be The 1911 Revolution” (“Xin Hai Ge Ming”), thus Andy’s script could become the second Li Bingbing invested film. Andy quipped: “Of course I would be happy to be able to invite Bingbing to invest in the film too.”

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