Andy’s “hair magic” for concert poster

This year is Andy’s 30th year in showbiz, he would be holding his Andy Lau Unforgettable concert from 20-31 December as he would celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve with the fans, together they would create an unforgettable experience, recalling one’s life experiences and moments to welcome a new chapter.

For the photo-shoot of this Unforgettable concert’s promotional poster, Andy attempted no less than 10 images in order to present a refreshing feel, he did everything himself, take for example the vest that he was wearing, to make it more fitting and best effects, he personally do the sewing himself, it seems that he has good sewing skills.

In order to create a different image and feel, even his hairstyle and color are not left out, from black to white, then from white to silver, he even use the dye pen to color himself, in the end it’s back to black, wash and dry, dry and wash, all the hair styling was carried out in the photo studio and not in hair saloon, however Andy did not made any complaint, he was relaxed during the hair wash, everybody noticed that his thick hair is as stable as his career, because there is no sight of hair falling, it’s so classic, just like his 30-years career.

As he need to strike many different poses during the photo-shoot, this a dance instructor was arranged to give his opinions, they stopped to discuss how to achieve different poses in between the photo-shoot in order to create the perfect postures.

In addition, in order to witness the unchanged myth of their idol, many fans had already started to make enquiries with Andy World Club on the dates and tickets for the concert, the craze for tickets had already started because this is the Andy’s 30th year in showbiz which is worth remembering, it also cross over two holidays in Christmas and New Year, thus fans from all over the world would jet over to Hong Kong for the concert, some even form tour to Hong Kong to fight for tickets as they wanted to celebrate the holidays with their idol, leaving a beautiful unforgettable memory and opening a new chapter with Andy.

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