Andy urged Chinese film to have more different genres

Actor Andy Lau who was in 67th Venice Film Festival, recently he accepted an exclusive interview by Xinhua News Agency, he feel that Chinese film could expand its area of genre in order to break into international market, but there is no need to “accommodate the foreigners”.

With regards to how to allow Chinese films to break into the international market, Andy said that there are more Chinese commercialize films in recent years, “If the genres can be expanded, the foreigners will be more interested, but do not need to accommodate them by choosing some strange genres, this balance must be maintained.” Andy quipped: “It’s a pity that I could not control this balance, if not I will become a director!”

Andy followed Tsui Hark to 67th Venice Film Festival for Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. He said: “This is my first time participating in Venice Film Festival. Actually I’m the same as a commoner, I does not understand this film festival. Venice is a beautiful and romantic place. The people here is engrossed in films, I had already watch many different films.”

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