Andy fall in love with ‘Di Ren Jie’ figure

Two nights ago, Huayi Brothers organized a “Back to Tang Dynasty” party in Venice to celebrate the success of Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame premiere. Huayi Brother’s CEO Wang Zhonglei, director Tsui Hark, Andy Lau, Li Bingbing and Carina Lau attended the event. Large number of film-makers, film distribution companies and international media were also attracted and came to the event. Director of the Venice International Film Festival Marco Müller was also present as he mischievously did a “clench fist” greetings which is normally seen in kungfu films to greet Tsui Hark upon his arrival, he also addressed Tsui as “swordsman Tsui”.

Li Bingbing whom always exclaimed that she’s Andy’s fan once again show her charm towards Andy. She tried to seduce Andy in the film, other than Andy showing off some skin and also splash water on her face. Li Bingbing said: “It’s so long, so long, big tummy, can hold his breathe for so long and can control the flowing speed of the water, indeed he’s a singer.” With regards to the scene which he “splash” water at Li Bingbing 3 times, Andy admitted that it’s his idea.

With regards to his lean figure, Andy also showed his confidence as in the trailer of What Woman Want, the opening scene is a bathing scene, he stressed: “I specially train for it.”

To accommodate the promotion of Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame, Huayi Brothers specially manufacture figures of the film’s main characters – Di Ren Jie, Shang-guan Jing-er and Bei Dong Lai, they are displayed for the first time in the party. Andy was excited when he saw the figures, Tsui Hark whom love to collect figures also kept looking at Di Ren Jie’s figure. Andy also mischievously move the body parts joints of the figure, he’s enjoying it.

Director Doze Niu don’t dare to shoot Andy’s ‘Da Yan Jing’ music video

Andy revealed that being in showbiz for close to 30 years, he would be singing his favorite songs during his childhood in his latest album. He will include oldies like ‘Da Yan Jing’, ‘Zhang Sheng Xiang Qi Lai’, ‘Gu Er Lei’ and ‘Xiao Chou’ in the retro album.

He specially invited director Doze Niu to direct the music video of ‘Da Yan Jing’, he wanted to be a triad member from Hong Kong going to Taiwan, wearing the fame flower shirt in the film Monga, even at his death he still wanted to look at the big-eyed beauty, but he was rejected by Doze with the reason that he would be nervous.

Andy once collaborate with Doze in the film Island of Greed, he admire the creativity of Monga and encourage director Doze Niu to continue shooting film with triad theme, he said: “Infernal Affairs ended after 3 films, it’s really a pity, to create a trend we must continue shooting.” Director Doze Niu expressed that he currently busy writing a new script, thus could not spend time on Andy’s music video but he expressed his thanks to Andy’s encouragement.

Hope to collaborate with Maggie Cheung in As Tears Goes By sequel

In addition, Andy expressed that he once collaborated with Maggie Cheung in Wong Kar Wai’s As Tears Goes By in 1988, he hope that the original crew could come together again to film the sequel about 22 years later story of the life of the male and female lead. He once again stressed that his character did not die, Maggie sent oranges for him everyday during shooting, then he acted out as he was eating orange.

Andy also sighed that he had not collaborate with Lee Ang, John Woo and Sylvia Chang.

Andy’s acting in Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame is very natural and stable, there is hope of winning a Best Actor award, he said in a modest tone: “It won’t be this time, I’ll try again next time.”

news from: Macao Daily, Liberty Times, Apple Daily, Headline Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Pao, Ming Pao