Andy and Nicholas Tse to collaborate in 3D wuxia film

Hong Kong comic’s godfather Wong Yuk Long and famous cartoonist Ma Wing Shing attended the Hong Kong Animation Festival held in Shanghai, they also made a secret trip to a certain Online gaming company to negotiate the shooting of the first 3D wuxia film. The film will be adapted from Wong Yuk Long’s 3D online game Weapons of the Gods, it would be finance by the online gaming company and other companies, Tsui Hark will be invited to direct the film. Tsui will be able to collaborate with Andy Lau again as he was selected to be the male lead, Nicholas Tse and Charlene Choi will be invited to be the second male lead and female lead respectively.

Online game Weapons of the Gods which is adapted from Wong Yuk Long’s comics, it is well-followed throughout Asia and the game made used of 3D technology in its graphics which Wong Yuk Long anticipated. To further promote Weapons of the Gods, with Wong’s good friendship in the Hong Kong movie industry, it would be promoted together with Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. Other than that, the online gaming company will collaborate with Tsui Hark production team for Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame to shoot a 3D wuxia film Weapons of the Gods with a 200 million budget.

Considering the 3D film selling point, it would be an attraction to wuxia fans what’s the effect with 3D visual effects. The male lead had been decided to be Nicholas Tse who was previously cast in Wong Yuk Long’s Dragon Tiger Gate, Andy Lau is also invited to join the cast. Nicholas and Andy would be the clan leaders opposing each other, thus there will be many exciting 3D battle scenes. For the female lead, Charlene Choi will be invited as she would get to collaborate with Andy again.

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