Andy set off to Venice

Andy Lau and Li Bingbing set off last night around 10pm for the 67th Venice International Film Festival, their Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame will be a film competing in the festival.

Bingbing hope that both the film and director Tsui Hark could win. She expressed that there are many sponsors for attending the festival as she would dressed up for the festival. When asked if she would hold the hands of Andy to walk down the red carpet? She exclaimed that she had yet discussed with Andy, when she board the plane she would suggest to him. She added that she would seize the time to rest during the flight as the promotion works in Hong Kong is tough, it would also be a tight schedule in Venice.

Andy whom was wearing a white shirt, black specs and hand carrying a file. He said he brought 3 sets of sponsored clothes to Venice but he expressed that he would not be wearing any jewelleries. When asked if he would walk down the red carpet with Carina Lau, he exclaimed that there is no arrangement yet, if to walk down the red carpet together, it would also be together with the crew members.

Fans were also at the airport to sent off Andy. With the fans following behind him, he looked like a handsome tour guide in white. His popularity cannot be rival as wherever he goes attracted screams. Andy quipped that he’s going “tuition”.

news from: Ming Pao,,