Andy had mini-concert for Japanese fans

Andy’s fan gathering in Japan become mini-concert

Andy Lau insisted on sharing his joy and sadness in his Andy World Club forum. In the early of August, Andy had a gathering with Japanese fans, he had not been in Japan for any gathering for 3 years and he exclaimed that he had worries of Japanese fans forgetting him, luckily their love for him remained the same. He initially scheduled to sing 3 songs but he encore for 7 times as it became a mini concert. Andy used it as a warm-up for his year-end concert, he had been busy shooting recently thus this allowed him to pick up the feeling of interacting with his fans.

Gallants surpass target

Recently Andy posted a new post on the celebration of his invested film Gallants, he said that the film had surpass his target and it was an encouragement to the the cast and production team. He had an agreement with Bruce Leung and Teddy Robin, they do not want to retire and hope that the creators could be more daring and film company bosses should allow creators to be more daring in appropriate time.

Andy, Sammi Cheng and fellow East Asia singers duet ‘Zai shui Yue Fei Yang’

‘Zai Shui Yue Fei Yang’ which is a duet of East Asia singers will premiere in Mainland China next week, the East Asia singers includes Sammi Cheng, Andy Lau, Richie Ren, Miriam Yueng, Andy Hui, Denise Ho, Ivana Wong, Janice, Shawn Yue, Aarif Lee , FAMA and a mysterious Mainland China’s singer.

It is understand from the record company that the song will be the theme song for “Fly East Asia” concert in the closing ceremony of Hong Kong week of Shanghai Expo, meanwhile this song is also East Asia’s first theme song. Andy expressed: “I’m so excited, because the feeling is like every member of the family will play a part in this song!”

Angela Chang wish to invite Andy as her concert’s special performing guest

Taiwanese singer Angela Chang whom was in Hong Kong for promotion earlier expressed that she hope to invite Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan and other superstars in the music industry to be her concert’s special performing guest, she said: “I had yet collaborated with many Hong Kong artistes, I only met them during the award presentation ceremonies, thus hope I would have the chance to create new sparks when collaborating with them on stage. Andy is a classic figure in showbiz, his TV dramas and singing had leave deep impression, if to get the chance to sing and dance with him on stage, it would feel like in a movie.”

Andy will be attending 67th Venice International Film Festival

Carina Lau who is Empress Wu in Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, although it was nominated for competition and premiere on 5 September in 67th Venice International Film Festival. During a recent fashion activity, Carina expressed that she would be going to the festival, however in the recent announced attendance list, only the names of Tsui Hark, Andy Lau, Li Bingbing and Deng Chao were listed.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, udn news