Yuan Li tried to seduce Andy

The shooting of What Women Wants has been successful as most of the scenes had completed shooting, “top viewership queen” Yuan Li whom had completed her promotion for ‘Hun Yin Bao Wei Zhan’ had rejoin the shooting opposite Andy Lau and Gong Li as the battle for love had began.

In order to win back the heart of Andy from Gong Li, Yuan Li changed her normal “strong woman” image with “Cry,have a fight,then hang myself”.

What Women Wants is Yuan Li’s first film since joining PolyBona Film Distribution Co., Ltd., she is an employee of a coffee shop Yenni as she is entangled in a love relationship between Andy and Gong Li. In order to win the heart of Andy, she always took the initiative to approach him in hope that he would get in love with her instead.

When shooting an intimate scene, it was thought that Yuan Li would find it uncomfortable to act opposite Andy but she experience no difficulties as she tried all means to seduce Andy, in addition to comical dialogue, it added new flavor to the scene.

news from: ent.163.com