Andy and Gong Li flirt in a bar

Magical love comedy What Women Wants is currently location shooting in Beijing, Andy Lau and Gong Li had been collaborating for days and their chemistry can be seen. Recently they were location shooting an important flirting scene in a bar in Sanlitun Village.

In the film, Andy and Gong Li were colleagues and competitors in the same company. Initially both of them don not get along well with one another, unexpectedly affection grew between them and the fall in love.

Earlier, the shooting crew were in a bar in Beijing’s Sanlitun Village shooting a scene which Andy and Gong Li cleared up their mis-understandings and have a heart-to-heart talk. Before shooting started, both of them were chit-chatting in the resting room, it was a relaxing atmosphere.

When shooting started, both of them were sitting in a small dining table drinking wine, their chit chatting made the atmosphere more relaxing. Inside the bar, the initial loggerhead feel was gone, Andy’s eyes clearly “exposed” the change in attitude, from the initial loggerhead transform into admiration, meanwhile Gong Li replied with a relax smile and reply to Andy’s questions. Being high ranked employees in the same company controlling the direction of their career, but they are unable to control the direction of their love. For the scene, Gong Li was dressed in a sexy low cleavage -revealing dress, showing off her good figure, luckily the experienced Andy could still act out his role with full concentration.

After hanging around in the bar, the shooting changed to a high class cinema for the shooting of another scene. Career minded Gong Li had decided to resign and venture in Shanghai, with their love relationship deepen, Andy hope to use his true love to urge Gong Li to stay in Beijing. The scene is about Andy waiting for Gong Li’s reply after his plea to her.

In the cinema, there was a grand elderly singing competition as Andy’s father in the film is one of the contestants. Seated among the audience, Andy is a “fan” supporting his father, however he was thinking of jetting off to another city, however he could do nothing as Andy displayed a depressed state.

After the competition, the other audience exited the cinema whereas Andy waited alone. At this moment, Gong Li whom decided to stay back for love appeared beside Andy and the whole hall seems to only have the echo of love. Both of them looked and smile at each other, it was a meaningful smile. Whether their love relationship go onto the right track, you would only know when the film opens in the cinema.

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