Andy and Gong Li to collaborate to remake classic

Andy Lau and Gong Li would collaborate in the Chinese remake of Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt’s What Woman Want, narrating a magical love story in an office environment. When the film was screened in 2000, it become one of the top-selling films in America.

Although it’s a remake, but the story had been amended as many current topics had been added in order to suit the current audience, the selling point of the film is Andy whom has the ability to read women mind was surrounded by beautiful colleagues as he showed off his lover charisma.

The collaboration of two famous Chinese stars for the first time had caught the media attention. When the film was still being prepared, Andy had been confirmed the male lead but the female lead did not manged to be confirm, even Andy quipped that he was anticipating whose “heart” would he listen to. After much guesses, the female lead was finally confirmed to be the most influential Chinese actress Gong Li, it would be her return to Chinese film after her 2 years venture in Hollywood.

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