Andy bought apartment in Beijing?

In a certain afternoon, when reporter discover Andy Lau, he just walked out of a fashion store in Wangjing Street. When reporter went into the store for some questions, it was said that Andy only made one round in the store before exiting, it can be seem that Andy is not there for shopping.

Dressed causally but he has a serious expression. It was sighted that he walked across the road to a Buick commercial vehicle, there were several bodyguards opening the door for him, it seems that they were protecting Andy when he board the vehicle, actually it was not required as there was few people on the street and it’s impossible that Andy would be surrounded, the street walkers were busy crossing the street, they don’t seems to discover the superstar next them.

After Andy had boarded the vehicle, the reporter discover that there were actually two vehicles waiting for Andy, the 4-5 bodyguards were divided themselves and sat in the two vehicles.

The vehicles drove in the north direction and they finally stopped in a new estate, the vehicles managed to enter the estate with access cards, thus the reporter started to think if Andy had bought an apartment in Beijing?

Without an access card, reporter tried to tell the security that he was here to pick someone up, hoping that he could gain access and finally managed to get into the underground car park who in time spotted Andy and company going into the lift. The reporter immediately returned to the surface and found out that Andy was going into a four storey high apartment. Andy went to the third floor and the lights of the apartment came up.

Not long later, one of the vehicle drove off with a man who seems to be Andy’s assistant, the vehicle made a second trip with the bodyguards. The reporter waited till nightfall and the vehicle did not return and the other vehicle just stopped inside the car park, there was also no sight of Andy.

The reporter then tried asking around in hope to find out if Andy owned an apartment in the estate, as the estate is new, people are not familiar with the residents, thus it’s unsure if a superstar is staying in the estate. With all evidence, it do seems that Andy had bought an apartment in Beijing.

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