Detective Dee extended trailer released!

Detective Dee is another heavyweight production of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation after After Shocks, this film broke a record of clinching 11 distributor rights sold during this year’s Festival de Cannes in a short period of 3 days.

A Huayi Brothers Media Corporation production, directed by Tsui Hark and a cast of Andy Lau, Li Bingbing and Carina Lau. The film is scheduled to open in cinemas nationwide on 29 September.

Huayi Brothers Media Corporation released the extended trailer of the film which reveal the magical mask of the film, but producer Wang Zonglei expressed that director Tsui Hark and Chen Kuo-fu created a “exceeded imaginary” Tang dynasty. With the release of this trailer, audience can go into the cinema to experience this “exceeded imaginary” world. Normally films’ trailer are revealed in press conference and audience would get to watch it on television and Internet, but the high quality picture and sound effect are unable to show. In order to enhance the viewing experience, the company made an effort and assign budget in hope that audience can experience the effect of the film directly thus it chose to premiere before the screening of After Shocks.

Huayi also reminded audience to enter the cinema earlier in order not to miss the surprise before the screening. The trailer will be a trilogy as the third trailer will be revealed next month which will reveal more details of the film, this would add more mystery and enjoyment for Detective Dee before it hit the cinemas.

In the trailer, it reveals the mystery cases that Detective Dee is handling, it also showed off many battle scenes. The audience is also treated with one of the 8 shooting locations which is the Ghost Market.

It is known that Detective Dee’s official screen date is the same as last year’s The Message, also a production of Huayi Brothers, the latter managed to attain a high box office collection of $250 million, thus the same date was decided, it can be seem that Huayi Brothers had high expectation that Detective Dee would break a new high box office collection.

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