Andy to “listen to” Gong Li’s heart

It was earlier reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Andy Lau and Gong Li would be collaborating for a re-make of Mel Gibson’s 2000 film What Woman Want. Media reports in Mainland China yesterday reported that the film would be directed by Chen Daming of One Foot Off The Ground fame, its title Wo Zhi Nv Ren Xin’ (literally translated as I Know What Woman Want) was initially confirmed Andy and Fan Bingbing as the male and female leads, but in the end the female lead was changed to Gong Li. It is said that shooting had already began in Beijing and it would hit the cinemas in Valentines’ Day in 2011.

If Gong Li to take up this film, it will be her return to Chinese film after Shanghai, her role in this film would be a advertising firm’s CEO, the character belongs to Helen Hunt in the original film.

This role initially was taken up by Fan Bingbing which is reported in March. When asked why 45-years-old Gong Li could replace a much younger Fan Bingbing, director Chen Daming expressed that he’s not banking on the fame of Gong Li but Fan Bingbing is too young for the role because the character is a CEO of an advertising firm, it would not be suitable for the 28-years-old Fan Bingbing, thus the switch to Gong Li. In addition, Andy and Fan Bingbing had collaborated in many films these few years which includes Battle of Wits, Future X-cops and Shaolin, thus their collaboration would not be refreshing and less appealing.

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