Detective Dee trailer and poster revealed

After one year of shooting and post production, Huayi Brothers’ Detective Dee which was directed by Tsui Hark had a press conference to reveal its poster and first trailer. The 2.5 minutes trailer display the colorful side of the film and also revealed the outlook of Andy Lau, Li Bingbing, Carina Lau, Deng Chao and Tony Leung Kar Fai and the action scenes. The film is scheduled to screen in the cinema on 23 September.

The trailer opened with a “international city” and Andy’s Detective Dee was instructed to investigate a burnt corpse case, Deng Chao’s “white detective” came out with a sentence: “This fire was started within the body” which label this case as a mysterious one, Detective Dee then went to the “ghost market” and several exciting fighting scenes, the trailer is full of huge scenes and shattering special effects, it’s can be comparable to a Hollywood production.

Detective Dee is a famous Chinese detective, his stories had been around for a long time. although there are previous films representation but the effects is minimal. In everybody’s heart, he is always been shadowed by Sherlock Holmes, Huayi Brother’s Wang Zhonglei believed that this film will make Detective Dee famous.

With regards to Andy’s Detective Dee who is well verse in fighting and educated, Andy feel that most importantly is to display the character’s charisma, thus he would input some of his imagination. In the heart of Tsui Hark, Detective Dee is a perfect person: “Clever people are perfect, clever people can help resolve many problems, they looked at things accurately, because people like Detective Dee existed, we would feel that the world is very interesting, we had hope for many things.”

Tsui Hark expressed that although Detective Dee is an official, but he always encountered dangerous situations when investigating cases, thus he need to protect himself, so I arranged him to be well verse in marital arts, his weapon is also special.

The relationship between Detective Dee and Empress Wu Zhetian is a myth, any chemistry between Andy and Carina is also the media’s attention. Tsui Hark said that the two characters’ relationship is positioned as understanding between two experts, “Their relationship is rather strange, it’s not so simple, both are extremely clever, they treated each other importantly and special.”

The film is scheduled to open in the cinemas on 23 September during the National Day holidays. In addition, the title of the film suggested that Huayi Brothers had the intention of shooting a sequel, Wang Zhonglei admit that they already had the script for the second film, if the first film does well in the box office, Detective Dee has hopes of shooting into a series of films. Wang revealed that other being screened in Japan and America, the film distributors of the film all over the world had been confirmed, thus he has high confidence of the film.

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