Andy wrote calligraphy for Lam Tin Estate

Justice of the Peace Andy Lau was invited to Lam Tin Estate revamped completion ceremony yesterday. Andy once stayed in Block 15 of Lam Tin Estate and he even personally wrote a calligraphy for the estate. It is said that Andy used the fee he received for a film to open a roast store within the estate as a birthday present for his father. Although Andy had several memories of the estate, but he exclaimed that it does not include any love stories, he revealed that all his ex-girlfriends were from other estates.

Andy was invited to the ceremony because he was an ex-tenant of the estate. Andy’s arrival attracted many onlookers and even went forward to chat with him. When the compere Meini Cheung introduce Andy being a doctoral and Justice of the Peace, the residents all roared and even addressed Andy as Professor Lau which delights him.

Andy once stayed in Lam Tin Estate when he was between 12 and 13 years old, he was staying in 14th floor of block 15, he stayed in the estate for 7 years, he moved out after he joined showbiz. As his parents love to eat roast duck/chicken, Andy used the fee of a film which is around HK$200,000 to buy Wah Tung roast store as a birthday present for his father, as the business was too good, his father sell off the store to earn money. Andy quipped: “I never asked him how much money he made, he never gave ma any money.”

Earlier Andy wrote a calligraphy for Lam Tin Estate and promise that he could write calligraphy for other blocks, Andy felt sad that the fengshui apartments had been teared down, especially the block with an engraved dragon, he said: “It was alleged that there was dinosaur bone beneath Lam Tin Estate, thus a dragon was engraved, it’s engraved and not drawn, if the dragon was kept would be good, but I have nowhere to keep it.”

Although Andy had old memories of the estate, but his memories does not includes any love stories as he revealed that all his ex-girlfriends did not stay in the same area.

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, but he had to do recording at night, thus he celebrate with his mother in the afternoon. When asked what present that he gave his mother, he said: “Just a red packet, not 5 figure, just a luck figure of $8888.”

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Headline Daily, Ta Kung Po, Hong Kong Daily, Wei Wen Po