Andy to collaborate with Mel Gibson

Hollywood star Mel Gibson and Andy Lau are not connected, however after Polybona bought the copyright of Mel Gibson’s 2000 film What Woman Want to re-shoot into a Chinese film titled ‘Wo Zhi Nv Ren Xin’ (literally translated as I Know What Woman Want), Mel Gibson was invited to appear in the film. It is said that the male lead Andy would get a chance to collaborate with Mel Gibson, the movie company revealed that Andy will bag between $12 – $18 million.

In the 2000 What Woman Want, Mel Gibson is an advertising executive, due to an accident he got the ability to hear what women think, it enable him to achieve greater heights in his career and also won the heart of the woman he loved. The Chinese version’s story would be 90% similarity, however the advertising executive character would be changed to a divorce single father, the father of a son gain the ability to hear what woman think after an accident and later won the heart of Fan Bingbing, the film will be screened in Valentines’ Day in 2011.

In order to increase the interest of the film, director Chen Daming had invited Mel Gibson to make a special appearance as an agent whom got to act in scene(s) with Andy. Mel Gibson had never appeared in Chinese film is interested of his old film being re-shoot into Chinese version, in addition that he’s looking at breaking into the Chinese market, thus he’s seriously considering taking up the offer.

Director Chen Daming rectified by saying: “Next month, the shooting of this film will starts, the male lead is Andy Lau, we are discussing with Mel Gibson and Gong Li, we would reach a conclusion within 2 weeks.” Andy also admitted that he had accept to be cast in this film, but he is not willing to reveal how much he would be paid.

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