Netizens blasted Expo 2010’s opening song

Expo 2010 Shanghai China would kick off on 1 May, the organizer specially gather all the ambassadors which includes Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Liu Xiang and Li Ning to duet for the Expo’s opening song 2010 Waiting For You. The music video has all the stars singing in a happy mood with a excited background.

However netizens said that the tune of the song copied Japanese singer Okamoto Mayo’s 1997 song ‘Yuan Lai De Ni Zai Na Li’ (そのままの君でいて), the netizens stressed and criticize that the Expo which protects copyright is “thief catching thief”. With these comments, it is rather disappointing.

そのままの君でいて Youtube video


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  • news from: Apple Daily News