Netizens slammed Future X-cops

Wong Jing’s films Future X-cops and Beauty on Duty were screened in the cinema during this “April Fool’s Day” slot, the box office takings of both films are number two and three on the charts. From the figures announced by the film companies, Future X-cops managed to collect $37 million on its first week of screening, currently it had collected more than $60 million. Meanwhile, Beauty on Duty managed to collect $22 million on its first week and its box office taking had exceeded $30 million.

The netizens in commented that Wong Jing’s Beauty on Duty and Future X-cops are “one small pirated production” and “one huge pirated production” respectively. The netizens comments on Future X-cops were harsh as many said that this film “destroy the confident of Chinese science fiction film”. Even though the bad comments on the film by netizens, this film still managed to collect $37 million to become the box office champion for Chinese film in Mainland China.

With regards to the netizens comments on Future X-cops, Wong Jing stressed that since the beginning, the film is a “touching” rather than science fiction film, to compare the film with Avatar is not fair.

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