Barbie Hsu accompany Andy to have steamboat; avoid Mickey Huang

Andy Lau was in Taiwan to promote his new film Future X-cops, although his schedule was jam packed but no matter how busy he was he still wanted to eat his favorite spicy steamboat. He was interviewed by Azio TV’s Be Friends host Mickey Huang at Taihodien Restaurant. He specially dressed up a a policeman to welcome the heavenly king. Only Andy turned up and no sight of the female lead Barbie Hsu until the interview is over, Barbie then appeared with her mother and Xu Jiao to dine with Andy. It seems that Barbie is trying to avoid her sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Dee Hsu and Mickey broke up almost 10 years ago and he published a book last year quoting that Dee blocked his future and Barbie’s mother criticize him “frying cold fried rice” and instead he replied by saying that the elder “did not teach the daughter well”.

Despite a married man, Andy’s popularity is not affected as close to 40 fans booked taxis to chase their idols. As he was busy with work and didn’t have dinner, he only arrived at the famous steamboat restaurant at 9PM for the interview, he completed the interview then started feasting on steamboat.

After Mickey had left, Barbie along with her mother and Xu Jiao took Chen Chien-Chou’s car to the restaurant, they feast on steamboat till midnight before leaving. Barbie’s mother quipped that she came to see her idol and hope that Barbie’s husband will be someone like Andy.

Pirated copies of Future X-cops already surfaced in Mainland China, Andy was asked if he’s worried that this will affect the box office takings? Andy did not want to discuss as he only smile and said that he’s very full after the dinner.

Meanwhile, Barbie expressed that she does not know that Mickey conducted his interview at Taihodien Restaurant.

news from: Taiwan Apple Daily News