Andy celebrate Mickey Huang’s 38th birthday

Andy Lau whom was in Taiwan to promote Future X-cops, he was interviewed by Azio TV’s in Mickey Huang’s Be Friends as Andy chose his favorite spicy steamboat restaurant for the interview. Mickey took out the private bowl of the restaurant for Andy as Andy quipped that he ate a lot and the normal bowl in the restaurant is too small for him.

When talked about Future X-cops, Mickey asked Andy whom had taken up the role of policeman for so many times, from the past till now, did he brave himself when seeing something is wrong. Andy revealed that when he was still schooling, he was the captain of the volleyball team, he would teach them volleyball, there would always be some hooligans standing beside, he could not stand it and went to teach them a lesson, he said that this is unlike what a policeman will do as he got into trouble with the Hong Kong anti-triads.

In the program, Andy revealed that when he just graduated from TVB artiste training classes, he would moon-light, seizing lunch time to help others cut their hair, one of his regular customer is Eric Tsang.

Talking about the future, Andy expressed that after last year’s marriage being exposed, he’s still doing very well, nothing had been changed, if anything changed, he would no longer be Andy Lau.

In the Time Treasure Box segment, Mickey requested Andy to leave behind one item. Andy knew that it was Mickey’s birthday, he kept Mickey in the dark as he had already asked the crew member to prepare a birthday cake for Mickey. When Mickey was about to make his wish, Andy asked Mickey to make a wish on behalf of him, that is Future X-cops doing well in the box office takings. All present burst into laughter.

news from: Central Daily News, Now news