Andy mistaken Xiao Xiao Bing as Xiao Bing Bing

The Taiwan premiere of Future X-cops was held last night as Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu, Xu Jiao and Mike He attended. The movie distribution company arranged the meeting of Taiwanese little heavenly king and Hong Kong’s heavenly king.

When Xiao Xiao Bing made an entrance, Andy thought he was Xiao Bing Bing and exclaimed: “Oh gosh, why you didn’t change at all!”

When Xiao Bing Bing whom collaborate with Andy in Magic Crystal stand together with his son Xiao Xiao Bing and Andy, it had a feeling of a “3 generation gathering”. When Xiao Xiao Bing threw himself into the arms of Andy, a delighted Andy and Xiao Bing Bing smiled at each other.

Another son of Xiao Xiao Bing, Mini Bing was not called onto the stage as he was eating popcorn with his mother, he exclaimed: “I also wanted to hug uncle.”

Andy asked Xiao Xiao Bing: “Do you know me? What’s your name? Why did you look exactly like your father?” Xiao Xiao Bing immediately replied: “Because he is my father, of course I looked like him.” Andy then carried Xiao Xiao Bing and whisper to him: “I think you’re fatter than your father!” Xiao Xiao Bing replied with his eyes wide open: “My father is fatter than me now!” Andy burst into laughter.

Xiao Bing Bing whom went for location shooting for Magic Crystal in Greece with Andy and Max Mok, his age then is around the same age as what Xiao Xiao Bing is now, Andy said: “Father and son looked alike, 20-30 years past in a blink of an eye, I have a feeling of returning to the past.” Andy exclaimed that he would like to have children but he would not think too much as he’s living happily.

When asked by the media what he consider as a good father, Andy said that a good father should always spent time on his children, no matter how busy, the children must be in his heart.

Secondary one student in Hanzhou, Xu Jiao whom transformed from a boy in CJ7 to a girl in Future X-cops also exclaimed on the sight of Xiao Xiao Bing: “So cute, wanted to pinch him.” Being a child actor, does she feel sad upon seeing the heavy workload of Xiao Xiao Bing, she quipped: “Everybody have different level of withstanding pressure.”

Andy was asked by the media during the premiere about his marriage, he said: “This does not affect me, I would not retire from showbiz because of this.”

Andy told fans that he would be back in Taiwan a few months later to promote his new music album.

news from: Liberty Times, udn news, nownews