Andy revealed that he would call Carol when working overseas

Andy Lau and Barbie Hsu’s Future X-cops will be screened in the cinema soon, both of them together with Mike He and Xu Jiao went to promote the film at Variety Show Of Mr. Con And Ms. Csi. Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu did not change their usual comical and “paparazzi” characteristic as they came at Andy with full force and Andy faced them without any problems.

Kevin and Dee used the tactics of changing one question after another to force answers out of Andy. Kevin wanted Dee to asked Andy regarding the news of family dispute in order to find out about Andy’s privacy. Dee immediately replied: “Why should I allow him to ask about family dispute? Why didn’t you ask him what age he came “out of the closet”?” Kevin than scold Dee for it.

Barbie revealed that she never sensed that Andy is married during shooting the film as she never see him talked secretly at the set and never saw him using his mobile phone.

Andy whom always kept a low profile of his private life met his match under the questions from Kevin and Dee. Andy exclaimed: “I’m not scared, you asked and I don’t answer.” Dee kept asking: “Are you together with your wife during the new year? Are you a father this year?” Andy avoid the sensitive word of “father” and said: “I will be together with my family.” Dee followed up with another question: “Do you hold your wife’s hand when sleeping?” Andy quipped: “Too private, I won’t be telling you.” However, Andy reveal that if he was working overseas, he would gave his wife a call when he’s back in hotel telling her, “Love you!”

Although his new film to be screened, Andy expressed that he would not bring Carol Zhu Liqian to watch and show her support, he would also not bring his wife to any public venues to maintain his privacy.

Dee asked her sister Barbie the feeling of collaborating with Andy, Barbie immediately said: “Very happy, he’s really MAN.” Barbie revealed that during a hanging on wire scene, Andy whom had completed his shooting upon seeing the worried look of Barbie, he told her not to nervous and told her that he would wait for her and hold her.

Barbie added that Andy had been learning Ballroom Dancing. Upon hearing, Dee immediately jumped off her chair and use ballroom dancing to the side of Andy.

Andy did not bother of her presence initially, Dee then said: “Why don’t you want to dance with me?” Andy then replied: “You did not tell me earlier.”

Dee then have a ballroom dance number with Andy, she stick close to Andy and even swing through in between his legs as she won the applause from those present.

Dee then sing praise of Andy’s arm strength, she revealed that Kevin caused her to fall flat on the floor when she dance with him.

For this promotional trip, Andy had went to record SET TV’s Help Me From Guo Guang!, Azio’s Be Friends and Variety Show Of Mr. Con And Ms. Csi but missed out CTV’s Big Brother’s Return, the production team expressed that the time was not arranged properly, even Chang Fei sighed: “What a pity!”. Andy expressed that he would record Chang Fei’s program for his next trip to Taiwan.

After recording all the programs, Andy went to eat his favorite spicy steamboat. Other than fans following him, Barbie and Xu Jiao also joined him as they took Chen Chien-Chou’s car to the restaurant. It’s not sure if Barbie was too anxious to meet up with Andy, she alight the car before Chen managed to park his car properly, almost hitting an oncoming motorcyclist.

Barbie’s mother also went to eat steamboat with Andy, she quipped that she came to meet her idol. When asked if she hoped that Barbie could marry someone like Andy, she quipped: “It depends on her!” Xu Jiao exclaimed that she would like to shop in Taiwan’s night market.

When Andy was to return to his hotel, he was surrounded by fans, his out reaching hand or wherever can be touched were touched by the fans. One particular female fan even break the barrier to hug Andy for 3 seconds before being pulled away. Andy did not feel uncomfortable as he wave his hand to bid farewell to the fans.

news from: Central Daily News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Liberty Times, China Times, udn news