Andy exclaimed that he was “electrified” by Barbie Hsu

On 29 March, Andy Lau was in Taiwan to promote Future X-cops. During the recording for Help Me From Guo Guang!, he revealed that he was “electrified” by Barbie Hsu as they enjoyed their kissing scene but don’t dare to french.

In Future X-cops, Andy had a triangle love relationship with Barbie and Fan Bingbing, but he only got to kiss Barbie. When asked of the feeling, Andy quipped: “Quite enjoyable!” The compere Tuo Zong Kang immediately asked: “Did you french?” Andy waved his hand and explained: “I don’t dare!”

With regards to whom among the actresses that he had collaborated gave him the deepest impression, Andy said Cherie Chung, he said: “Because she (Cherie Chung) is sexy and know how to act, after marriage he went to learn cooking, she really retired from acting after Zodiac Killers, I’m impressed with her.”

For his trip to Taiwan, Andy’s recording commitment to SET TV’s Help Me From Guo Guang! first among programs, it’s because one of the compere Sun Peng collaborated with him in Zodiac Killers; another compere Chu Chung-heng was the voice-over for 5 of Andy’s films.

When Sun Peng got to collaborate with Andy and Cherie Chung in Zodiac Killers in 1991, the film was completely shot in Japan, there was a scene where Sun Peng kissed with a woman in the front seat of a car, Andy whom was in the back seats looked embarrassed. Andy then asked Sun Peng why he was so experienced as he thought Sun Peng was once an actor in Taiwanese A film. When re-watch his performance, Sun Peng’s face turned red and said that he was shy.

Chu Chung-heng exclaimed that although Andy was the supporting role in God of Gambler, he felt that Andy acted very well, until he got to do the dubbing for Andy in The Adventurer and was convinced by Andy. Chu said: “Andy was an undercover in the film, there was one scene when he need to talk until he cried, it’s hard to dub.” When the scene was playback, Chu said: “Sorry, I did a poor job.”

Having more than 120 films to his name, with regards to venturing into Hollywood, he expressed: “They don’t cherish our actors, take Green Hornet for example, they only want our market and not our actor, as they just exclaimed that this is Hollywood standard.” Stopping for a while, he immediately continue: “Frustrating!”

Talking about his plans for the future, Andy wish to fulfilled his dream of becoming a director but he had failed to do so after so many years, “Every time when I wanted to be a director, there would be many new talented directors, I always thought that I would lose out to them, thus I gave up! But I really hope to become a director.”

news from:, Central Daily News, Now news