East Weekly #287: Andy and Carol getting married in Malaysia

Earlier reporter revealed for the first time couple photograph of Andy Lau and Carol Zhu Liqian in 24 years.

Inside the photographs, there is also a secret little girl around 6-years-old, her face resemble Andy. She could be the alleged daughter of Andy!!

Insert: Andy and Carol spotted together in Malaysia, both wearing white T-shirt as they discuss with friends about their wedding.

Insert: When Andy is in Malaysia, a little girl around 6-7 years old was spotted within the premise of Zhu’s father condominium.

Insert: The little girl has a rounded face, looked rather “handsome”, her eyes and nose resemble Andy. She’s active and cute.

Insert 1: Andy and Carol were seated side by side in the restaurant. Carol always have a lookout around the restaurant.

Insert 2: After 7-8 family members and friends arrived at the restaurant, Andy appeared very familiar with them as once seated, he kept chatting with them and also broke into laughter.

Insert 1: “Soon-to-be-groom” Andy kept laughing and communicate with them. A happy Andy kept talking as if it’s his personal talk show.

Insert 2: Sitting by the side of Andy, Carol also kept talking.

Insert: When excited, Andy stand up and raise his T-shirt to show his abs, apparently saying that he need to keep fit. Carol nob her head in agreement, they seem to have good chemistry.

Insert 1: Andy was full of expression when talking, Carol kept quiet and sat by his side.

Insert 2: In front of Andy, Carol was so lovely, Andy was like the head of the family discussing matters.

Insert: At Carol’s Kuala Lumpur apartment, it was full of wedding decoration, it’s like preparing for wedding.

Insert: Hardly Andy and Carol were back in Malaysia, a normally hardworking Carol’s father whom seldom on leave stayed at home awaiting the visiting of friends and relatives.

Insert 1: Andy’s April wedding will be held at Malaysia 5-star hotel Berjaya Times Square 14th storey ballroom, there will be tight security for the wedding to be held successfully. The boss of the hotel is Carol’s uncle. Last year, Carol’s sister wedding also held at the same venue.

Insert 2: Andy’s present for Carol will be the house worth $70 million at the remote area of Kuala Lumpur. After buying the house, Carol’s family all moved in with her.

Insert: The song Longtime Companion in Andy’s latest album is a wedding present for Carol. He recently describe longtime companion in a radio station interview: “Both should love each other and get used to it, when everyone did not want to be calculative, two persons’ life slowly become one person’s life. There is no perfect companion, love is to withstand gain and lost, change your own path, it’s a big knowledge, and cannot be discuss easily.” The song Longtime Companion represent Andy’s outlook in love, it’s hot and warm during wooing, after some time it will be wishing for eternity ….

Insert: It was spotted by reporter that a banner was hang inside Carol’s apartment which is a blessing wish for a son.

Insert: For many years, the only relationship that Andy admitted was his 3-years relationship with Taiwanese Yu Kexin, he never talked about Zhu Liqian who always stay by his side quietly to be the woman behind his back. She did not asked for any return for her sacrifice. In recent years, Andy’s attitude begin to soften as the relationship slowly surface.

In 1986, Carol came in third in Malaysia Miss Modern pagnent. Being Andy’s fan, she came to Hong Kong to take beauty courses and was introduced to Andy by a good friend, they become an item.

In 1992, it’s alleged that Andy bought an apartment in Kandoorie Hill to stay with Carol whom was spotted in out of the apartment.

In 1995, it’s alleged that both bought a love house in Penang, it was also reported that Carol become an employee of Andy’s TeamWork Production.

In 1998, it’s alleged that Andy brought Carol to dine with George Lam and his wife, Andy introduce Carol as his wife.

In 2000, a magazine photographed Carol walking in and out of Andy’s Kandoorie Hill apartment and also used the same nanny car. In the same year, it was said that Andy sponsor Carol to set up a travel agency, the employee addressed her as Mrs. Lau.

In April 2001, Carol was spotted bringing a little girl to watch movie. At the end of the same year, Carol was spotted at Andy’s concert with a little girl.


In December 2001, when Andy was interviewed by a radio station, he admit that he had someone that he loved as he hope to get married within 3 years and have children. When asked who is the woman, he said: “I don’t need to say anything!” It kinda of declaring Carol’s status.

In September 2003, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Carol was spotted shopping in Causeway Bay with Andy’s nanny car.

In January 2008, Carol was spotted at the last night of Andy’s concert. Andy told reporters: “Anyone whom had watched my concert is my angel!” Hinting her as his guardian angel.

In May 2008, East Weekly photographed Andy attending Carol’s wedding dinner in Malaysia, he went onstage to sing and teach them what to do on their wedding night as if he’s one of the host family member.

In December 2008, when Andy stage his concert in Singapore, Carol, her mother, sister and her husband entered the venue after the stadium started to watch the concert, among them is a 6-7 years old little girl.

In February 2009, Andy’s latest album has a song titled Longtime Companion. When interviewed by media, he always talked about wedding and family.

news from: ent.tom.com