Andy: I’m still the same even I’m married!

Andy Lau was in Taiwan yesterday for the promotion of Future X-cops. Upon his arrival at the airport, he was welcome by awaiting fans. A high spirit Andy whom shaved his head for New Shaolin Temple wore a hat when attending the press conference, some of the media quoted that he looked like Taiwan’s Hokkien singer Chen Lei, Andy just laughed it off.

Taking a close look, Andy did not wore any wedding ring and it seems that he leave his “married man” status at home as he choose to use the status of “forever heavenly king” to meet the fans. The media that surrounded him kept asking: “How’s your feeling after admitting that you’re married? Do you feel less pressurize?” A steady Andy answered: “Feeling normal, not pressurize, I’m still the same Andy Lau, I’ll continue this way.”

Andy who is a father in Future X-cops, when asked if he wanted to be a father in real life? He quipped: “Not pressurize even without children.” It was alleged that Carol Zhu Liqian thought of undergoing assisted conception, when asked by the media, Andy answered: “Please don’t ask about this.”

With regards to the marriage between Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng being exposed, Andy said: “I have nothing to say, hope both of them can handle this properly.” When asked if he met them when he registered his marriage in America and whether their scenario is the same as his, Andy said: “Many thanks to the fans for helping me keep this secret.”

As Charlene cried foul that there is no private privacy for artiste, Andy feel sad as he said: “I feel that artiste should not give up protecting themselves, should not follow the direction of being exposed, I feel that the media like to report on these reports, I also don’t like to see artiste have no privacy.”

Barbie Hsu whom wore a black LANVIN blouse looked like a shy fan when she’s beside Andy. Barbie had more scenes opposite Andy when compared to Fan Bingbing, she even got to kiss Andy as she exclaimed: “It’s so sweet.”

Andy has always been Barbie’s idol, she was so nervous to be able to collaborate with him. However Andy does not “belong to her” as Fan Bingbing is his wife in Future X-cops and would be the female lead of Andy’s next film project, Barbie appeared jealous as Andy immediately comfort her: “I don’t love her, I love you!” Barbie immediately break into a smile.

After shooting New Shaolin Temple, Andy will collaborate with Fan Bingbing in a love comedy film adapted from Mel Gibson’s What Women Want, he said: “I have lots of plans, but I’ve learn how to slow down my pace, doing well one task by one task.”

During the shooting of Future X-cops, Andy took care of Barbie and Mike He well, Andy said: “Taiwanese idol actors really know how to display their glamor, what’s different from Hong Kong is that the team work in Taiwan is very strong, those in Hong Kong is more independent, Pu Tong Hua (Mandarin) will become the main stream, Hong Kong artistes may be pressurize.”

Recalling the shooting of the film, Andy exclaimed that there was no script when he collaborated with Wong Jing in the past, but for this collaboration, it can be considered as the first Wong Jing film with some drama.

At the press conference, Andy express that he hope to collaborate with Taiwanese director, he said: “Even those need to sing character in Cape No.7 will do or triad Monga as in will also do for me.” The compere, Chen Chien-Chou quipped that Andy’s fees are very high, Andy quipped: “I’m still not paid for Future X-cops!”

It is alleged that Jay Chou intended to approach Andy for a collaboration in a film related to magic, Andy said: “We discuss about this, but there is still no script.”

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