Andy: I’m just a sweet wrapper

Earlier during the premiere of Future X-cops, Barbie Hsu expressed: “If Andy Lau is still single, I will woo him.” With regards to this, when Andy was interviewed by, he said: “I’m willing to accept, that is if I’m still single.” However, being an idol, he exclaimed: “I’m a sweet wrapper, what she see is just the outlook, maybe the real me and my lifestyle is different, we could start but I may not be suitable.” (163): Can you introduce your character in Future X-cops?

Andy (A): I’m a cop from the future. He have huge direction, because the environment facing danger, he need to return to the past to protect a scientist.

163: You have been a policeman in several films, what is the breakthrough this time?

A: The special this time round is the special effects, the story focus on love relationship, and the relationship between father and daughter.

163: you are a father in this film, does it urge you to become a father?

A: I already acted as a father several times. With regards to when will I become a father, this I will have to think slowly.

163: Barbie said that if you’re single, she will woo you, if you’re single, will you accept?

A: I willing, if I’m single. However, we can start off, but unsure will we be suitable for each other. Maybe she could only see my outlook, I’m a sweet wrapper, maybe the real me and my lifestyle is different. I just watched a movie, gave me a huge feeling, the society will feel that he’s a responsible person, everyone would feel that he’s a real man, in actual fact, he did not care about his wife at home.

163: Wong Jing said that collaborating with you again, he felt that you had entered “another level”?

A: It’s not another level, because the things we met everyday kept changing, and we still need to face it. On the first day when everyone ask me, why I accepted this film, till now people still asked this question, actually sometimes there is no reason for what you do. When you love one person, hate one person, there is no reason. When you do one thing, there could be no reason behind it, very simple, take for an example a friend approach you to shoot a film, you agree, that’s how the decision is made.

163: Made a decision out of rush?

A: Nope, this is human reaction.

163: You said that you’re afraid of the beauty of Fan Bingbing, do you afraid of beauty?

A: Nope, when I said that I’m afraid of her beauty, it’s saying more things with her, when people ask me, I said: “I’m scared that she’s too pretty, people would mistaken that I’m wooing her”, this is the reason.

163: Another Wong Jing’s film Beauty on Duty would also open in the cinema on 30 March, will you accept to be in such comedy?

A: I will, in Savior of the Soul and another film Dance With Dragon in the same year. If you let me choose, I will always choose Savior of the Soul, but we lose out in the box office takings as the box office takings of Dance with Dragon came out better. When you asked if I regret accepting that film, I will not regret, I will still go that direction, take this new attempt, if not I will still stuck at the same place.

163: It’s said that Tsai Song-ling initially wanted a bigger director, did you recommend Wong Jing?

A: If you ask me this way, I’m embarrasses. My way of looking is there is a friend, he lose money in the movie industry, he choose a director, this director made him lose money, of course I could not reveal who he is. I feel that, Wong Jing would not hurt him, this is my feeling towards him. I’m not saying that the other director is not good enough, if we have a lot of money, we would go for that director, he would come out with a very good product. But, Tsai may also lose out.

163: How you rate Future X-cops?

A: I don’t dare to say, really don’t dare to say. Because we had spent the money to ensure all the computer graphic enhanced scenes are done to the best. of course when everybody had watched too much American productions, maybe we had not reached their standard, but we had did our best. We should express our thanks to the special effects friends, we had done our best under limited funds and time.

163: When comparing with American production, any areas that you are not satisfied?

A: Yes, it’s a pity that we do not have enough money and time. If we were to compare with them, these 2 elements are very important, but the current market is unable it to happen. We are going the direction what the Americans were going in the past, we must follow this direction, maybe 10 years ago the Americans are doing what we are doing, we must go through this, we can’t just take one big step to the American standard. I think when creating Transformers, nobody thought of Avatar, thus creating a huge differencde between them. It’s different from Transformer and Avatar, we are close to American films 3-5 years ago. We’re slowly improving, we cannot force the audience to accept.

163: Had you watched Avatar?

A: I watched it, I feel that the director is great, if it was still robots, or having the look of Transformers, they would failed to excel. He’s drawing an animal, it’s something human like. Actually it’s imitating human, it’s make it believing. You won’t believe when 2 robots fall in love, he got hold of the market very well, very convincing. Of course I also like Hurt Locker, it’s quite disappointing that Avatar failed to win the Best Picture, for example E.T losing out to Gandhi. I feel that, it’s imaginary space is too wide, splendid.

163: You feel that Hurt Locker cannot be compared with Avatar?

A: I’m not saying it’s not good, but for certain matters people would like to shoot, take for example if I wanted to shoot Confucius, Guan Gong and Zhao Zilong, I will go and shoot, nobody thought of shooting Avatar nor E.T, do you know how alien looked like, but in the end you would believe that alien looked like that, this is the area that they are good at. They took step by step, I’m proud of Wong Jing, if it’s another director, if they know they would be scolded, they would choose not to do it. I’m proud of Wong Jing whom choose to do it.