Andy become “best nanny” during shooting of Future X-cops

Large production film will open in the cinema nationwide on 30 March. Recently director Wong Jing revealed that Andy Lau became temporary nanny during shooting as he was given the tag of “Best Nanny” by the crew members. Fan Bingbing did not care about her screen time and joined the cast, thus Wong Jing said that she is the “largest cameo”. He exclaimed: “With such good actors, the film will have a good box office taking.”

Andy whom is always a role model in showbiz display his caring side again during the shooting of Future X-cops. According to director Wong Jing, “Andy really know how to take care of people, he’s he crew’s best nanny.” When facing his daughter in the film Xu Jiao, Andy really took good care of her, even Barbie Hsu was jealous as she exclaimed: “Andy is so bias, always perform magic tricks for Xu Jiao and gave her tibits.” Andy also buy supper for the shooting crew during overnight shooting, when Xu Jiao fall sick, Andy will transform into “temporary mother” as he will serve Xu Jiao food and perform magic tricks to cheer her up. On the other side, Andy will also demo and share his acting experience with the other actors, some even acknowledge Andy as their acting instructor.

It is said that many actors agreed to cameo for the film because of Andy and Wong Jing, one of them is Fan Bingbing. According to Wong Jing, he wanted to cast a second line actress for this role during casting but Fan Bingbing volunteer herself despite the short screen time, this touched Wong Jing. Fan Bingbing agree to join the cast is because of the film’s strong theme and advance script, this film is a rare Chinese film to come by. “During shooting, Fan Bingbing did not put up any air, she completed her shooting very well, it added some attraction to the film.”

Being the director, Wong Jing did not reserve to give all praises to Fan Bingbing, when asked when compared with Barbie Hsu, who is better, Wong Jing exclaimed: “The audience will find out after watching the film in the cinema, one of them is sorrow and the other pure.”

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