Andy set up fan club in Shanghai

Andy Lau became the first Hong Kong artiste to set up a fan club in Shanghai as he specially jet off to Shanghai and attended the setting up ceremony at Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre yesterday.

It was a crowded atmosphere as close to thousands of fans attended. Andy expressed that he hope to set up fan club in other Mainland China cities.

At Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre, fans from all cities of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, even fans from Japan gathered to celebrate the setting up of the fan club in Shanghai.

Among the fans attended, several are of special identities, one of them is a doctor from Sichuan as he expressed that he always learn the help people spirit of Andy. In addition, a family of three different generations are members of the fan club, this allow the family which initially has dispute to have a common topic to discuss. There was another fan whom suffered from cancer previously but managed to win the battle against cancer under the encouragement of Andy.

With the song ‘Mei Li De Hui Yi’ (literally translated as Beautiful Memories) playing in the background, Andy World Club bus drove in. Andy wore a white western suit with a gold tie and a white shoes, he was dressed as if he’s prince charming. Andy alighting from the bus symbolize AWC had arrived in Shanghai, it also symbolize that this bus will travel all areas in Mainland China to meet fans.

Andy exclaimed that he’s very familiar with the fans that attended the event as he always take out time to attend his fan club activities because he enjoy the family feeling with his fans. He think that his fans is like his family, if the fans need help can approach him, even it’s money issue, all the fans has to do is to tell him.

Andy’s two sons Andox and Box also changed new costumes when attending the event. They sang their single ‘Zhong Guo Niu’ (literally translated as China Ox), they also seize the chance to show off their talent, going through a popularity test to show who is the better one, the audience greeted them with loud applause. Andox and Box said that they wanted to thank Andy as they think likewise every fans would also want to thank Andy.

At the beginning of the event, Andy quipped: “I’m going to introduce my girlfriend,” actually the female is his assistant in the magic performance. Andy performed magic tricks which includes putting a sword through a beauty and changing costume for a female crew member, the tricks stunned the fans.

After the changing costume trick, the female crew member quipped that she was worried that her clothes will be gone after the trick, Andy then quipped: “I’ve already change away your undergarment, you can check if you don’t believe.” The female crew member quickly change a topic.

Andy also sang his classic songs where the fans sang along with him. The duet bring the event to its highest point. Andox and Box then brought a car key onto the stage, Andy twist and turn the key as the giant screen show Shanghai map followed by the map of China.

Andy said: “I’m delighted to see that I’ve the support of so many fans, I’m so touched, I hope to have more interaction with Chinese fans thus I set up a fan club in Mainland China, I also hope that there will not be differences between fans of all over the world and all supported each other.”

The fans took turns to give Andy presents and flowers, Andy also cut a huge cake to celebrate the setting up of the fan club as he spend a happy two hours with the fans.

After the gathering, Andy was interviewed by the media. When asked about news that Albert Yeung Sau-Shing seek help from him to help in Gillian Chung’s comeback. Andy said that he dine with Albert to discuss on film collaborations and did not talk about Gillian’s comeback.

When asked if he support Gillian comeback into showbiz. Andy said: “Of course I’ll support her. She’s an artiste and got hurt too, she lost her idea on how to continue. If she’s ready to comeback, we should give her our blessing, if she leave showbiz quietly, we shall not go and disturb her.”

Andy whom will be participating in the shooting of Mainland China 60th anniversary film tribute Founding Great and collaborate with Tsui Hark for the first time in Detective Dee. Andy revealed that he would start shooting for Founding Great next week and the shooting of Detective Dee will start in May.

Andy revealed that he learn his magic tricks from Lu Chen. When asked if he would be joining the cast of Jay Chou’s Secret 2, Andy said: “I only have initial communication with Jay, whether I would be joining the cast would have to wait for one year before deciding.”

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