Chaotic welcome for Andy in Shanghai airport

On 21 February, 19:50 hours Andy Lau touched down in Shanghai from Hong Kong specially to attend his fan club gathering on 22 February. In recent years, Andy always leave the airport via its VIP tunnel to reach the carpark. In order to thanks the fans’ support, under the protection of several bodyguards and assistants, a casually dressed Andy appeared at the normal walkway, he was surrounded by fans.

That night, fans from all over the world gathered at the walkway, it was so crowded. When Andy who was wearing a brown cotton sweater appeared, the fans screamed out loud. Andy whom appeared tired after his flight still wave to his fans, he even asked the fans to quiet down.

Some fans broke the barrier of the bodyguards to give presents and flowers to Andy, it was rather chaotic, the airport security had to specially open a special lift which will direct to his awaiting vehicle.

Despite this, many fans still waited for him at his awaiting vehicle. Carrying presents and flowers from fans, Andy quickly board the vehicle and bid farewell to his fans as he head to his hotel.

It is understand that the fan club gathering will be held on 22 February at Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre, Andy will there to interact with his fans.

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