New Shaolin Temple released new photographs

China Film Group, Emperor Group, H.Brothers collaborated wu-xia major production New Shaolin Temple which was being touted as 2010 most anticipated Chinese film by American film magazine. The film is directed by Benny Chan, with a cast of major actors from Mainland China and Hong Kong which includes Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing, Wu Jing and Jackie Chan cameo, this allow audience to anticipate the film.

Shooting of New Shaolin Temple is currently undergoing, the crew released a series of new photographs to satisfied the audience.

Andy was wearing a smart army uniform as he lead a troop of soldier into Shaolin Temple to fight with Wu Jing and Andy went to Shaolin Temple for help when he’s in trouble. The ending of the film had yet been announced, it seems that there will be new heights to the story.

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