Andy say no to BMW because of Honda

Andy Lau’s Future X-cops will be screened in Taiwan soon as he will jet over to Taiwan to promote the film on 29 and 30 March, this will be his first public appearance in Taiwan after his marriage to Carol Zhu Liqian. Despite his marriage, he is still hot property as he was “sponsored” by companies, being professional he does not want to be associated or promoting “rival companies”, even BMW which supported the film is not allowed to appear at the film’s premiere in Taiwan.

Andy whom had been in showbiz for close to 30 years, his heavenly king status remained stable and favor by companies as many approached him for endorsement. One of the sponsor for Future X-cops is BMW automobiles, when told that Andy would be in Taiwan to promote the film, it took the initiative to offer him to make an entrance in the red carpet in their latest convertible model, however it was rejected by the management company with the reason that Andy is endorsing Honda’s Acura thus he could not promote rival company.

In a leaked photograph of Three Kingdom: Resurrection of the Dragon, a bottle of Cola was spotted beside Andy, being the spokesman for green tea, he is much for careful nowadays. For his upcoming trip, he had also request the organizer not to prepared other brands beverages, if have the label must be removed.

At the end of the month, Andy will be attending the premiere of Future X-cops, press conference and record an episode of Mr. Con And Ms. Csi to promote the film.

news from: Central Daily News, China Press