Alleged that TVB 5 Tigers to collaborate in new film

The 50 days countdown of Expo 2010 Shanghai China had already started, Goodwill Ambassador Andy Lau would be coming to Shanghai on 15 March to attend the Expo 2010 Ambassador Preparation meeting and a series of charity activities. Jackie Chan, Yao Ming and Lan Lan are also ambassadors of the expo. Insiders revealed that Andy had another task on hand as he was entrust by Run Run Shaw to discuss matters on the TVB 5 Tigers online game – Handed down Disciples (literally translated from ‘Chuan Shi Qun Ying Zhuan’) and film of the same name.

With regards to this news, reporters tried to contact Andy’s assistant Joe and found out that indeed Andy would be in Shanghai on 15 March to attend Expo 2010 activities, whereas he could not discuss on other matters before hanging up the phone.

Among the TVB 5 Tigers, Andy is not the oldest, however being loyal, he has the highest regards. With regards to the “betrayal” of Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Andy still treat him as a brother thus it can be seem his loyalty in friendship. In the earlier Andy’s concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, it’s a regret with the absence of Tony, thus Run Run Shaw is heading the gathering of the TVB 5 Tigers. Andy would like this to happen and would do his best to achieve this.

Other than Andy and Tony, the other 3 tigers had not been so active in showbiz, thus this gathering could be the last performance of the TVB 5 Tigers as a unit.

According to insider, the film company is also serious about this collaboration, other than a huge investment of more than $30 million, it was decided that the film will be based on the popular online game Handed down Disciples, it has a 10 years history and more than 1 billion registered accounts. With the TVB 5 Tigers in the cast, this give the popularity and box office confidence, it will also present the best of the 5 Tigers to the audience.

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