Jay Chou: many artiste should learn from Andy

Recently Taiwanese female artist Devin Wu revealed that she had a love relationship with Jay Chou. When interviewed by China Times Weekly, she exclaimed that Jay is “the first man of her life”, both of them signed up with Jacky Wu 12 years ago and got into a relationship. She exclaimed when she was still 16 years old, under some circumstances, she lost her virginity to Jay.

When attending a sports wear endorsement contract signing ceremony, he was asked of the allegation and he replied: “We worked in the same company some years back, as she’s a female, thus everyone show care and concern to her, never expected it came to this, I can understand that she need some promotion as she’s releasing an album, but there are also other ways.” Jay expressed that if Devin wasn’t a female, he would write a song to scold the person.

When asked if his ex-girlfriend did came out and exposed everything, how would he handle it, Jay expressed that this question should asked Andy Lau and sing praise of his high EQ and brave to face the situation, many artiste should learn from him.