Andy shaved his head for his monk character

Directed by Benny Chan, New Shaolin Temple which has a cast of Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing and Wu Jing is currently shooting, the film would complete its shooting at the end of April and scheduled to hit the cinemas at the end of the year. Days earlier, the movie company arranged a shooting site visit for the first time which revealed Andy’s monk image and Jackie’s cooking monk for the first time.

On the day of visiting, Andy’s monk image and Jackie’s cooking monk for the first time. It was heard that to accommodate the character, Andy shaved his head.

With regards to this, Andy said: “I do not wish to wear a head gear for my monk character, it would not be realistic. I’ve completed all the shooting for my general character, thus I don’t have any more worries, I can fully concentrate to shave my head for the monk character, no more worries about wearing head gear.”

Since Island of Fire some 20 years ago, Andy and Jackie collaborate once again. When talked about their relationship, Jackie said: “Although we did not collaborate in films, but we always meet during charity activities and handling matters at the Artiste Guild, so we do meet quite often.”

In the film, Andy and Jackie will fight each other, Andy said: “In the script we would be checking out each other’s kung fu. Fighting each other would not be a problem.” Jackie then sing praise of Andy’s fast movement as he qualify to become an action star. Andy then quipped: “Jackie is also great in non-action scenes, completely do not need my guidance.” Wu Jing then revealed that he did fight with Andy and lose to him, “Lose to him on purposes because the Abbott pointed gun at us.”

However, the media found out that Andy had scars on his right fist, it was injured during shooting. With regards to this, director Benny said: “It’s in-avoidable for injuries when shooting fighting scenes, but the shooting crew had done all safety precautions, there should not be any major problem.”

One funny sight is that Andy became close friends with the little monks at the shooting site, he also helped them out in the “Axe Gang” dance of Kungfu Hustle. Andy quipped: “They watch Kungful Hustle recently and learn to dance the “Axe Gang” dance. It looked so boring so I taught them a new dance, they are so hardworking, they even practice when they went home.”

When asked about the current allegation of Future X-cop, Andy said: “I did not notice the news, knew nothing much and not convenience to talk about it, I did asked Wong Jing why the delayed in screening, he told me that the CG (computer graphics) was still undergoing production.” When asked about the poor CG, Andy said: “I’ve watched the CG effect, it think it can make it, I’m also anticipating it.”

Jet Li made his name with Shaolin Temple, it’s in-avoidable that there will be comparison between these two films. With regards to this, Benny said: “These 2 films are completely different, very hard to compare. I also watched the old version, it’s too popular but my film’s story is different.” It was said that New Shaolin Temple will be a combination of action and non-action scenes, sliding in between would be two love stories one of them would be love story between Andy and Fan Bingbing.

When asked if Andy request to shave his head, Benny said: “Everybody should understand, he also shave his head for Running On Karma.”

The story of New Shaolin Temple is set in the period of army generals helping out the citizens. Army general Hou Jie (Andy) was betray by his assistant (Nicholas) and wife (Fan Bingbing) left the family with their daughter, leave him in depression. He went on the stay in Shaolin’s kitchen to learn Buddhism from cooking monk (Jackie) and become friends with 3 other young monks. Andy then become a monk and lead the monks to battle Nicholas to protect the Shaolin Temple and citizens.

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